National Kindness Awards

Awarding recipients to continue to shine and influence their colleagues

National Kindness Awards

Transport Gold Award

Celebrating its impressive 24th year, the National Kindness Award – Transport Gold proudly upholds its longstanding commitment to recognizing outstanding service staff in the Transport industry. These remarkable individuals have consistently demonstrated exemplary service and exemplified gracious conduct in their professional endeavors. 
Beyond mere recognition, this prestigious award serves as a beacon of inspiration, motivating its recipients to maintain their excellence and, in turn, inspire their colleagues. Their collective efforts contribute significantly to the creation of a more pleasant and gracious society, setting commendable service excellence within the transport sector

Award Objectives

  • Recognising and Honouring Extraordinary Efforts:  To acknowledge and honour the commendable efforts of transport staff who consistently go the extra mile to assist others
  • Encouraging Recognition by Service Providers: To encourage public transport service providers to actively recognise and appreciate employees who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to helping others
  • to motivate and promote kind behaviours in the public transport sector.

History and Background

Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and Land Transport Authority (LTA), together with all the public transport companies and associations organised The National Courtesy Award—Transport Gold in 2003. The Transport Gold Award started in 1999 as a fringe event along with the National Courtesy Campaign.  

The Transport Gold Award awards courteous staff within the public transport service sector and forms a platform for the entire transport service to launch a courtesy programme within the industry.

In 2012, the committee renamed the Award to The National Kindness Award—Transport Gold. From 1999 till date, about 6,952 awards were presented to public transport operators who have gone the extra mile. 

Service Gold Award

In its 29th year, The National Kindness Award—Service Gold recognises service staff in the Hotel Industry who had displayed exemplary service and gracious behaviour during their course of work.

This award inspires the recipients to continue to shine and influence their colleagues in contributing towards a more pleasant and gracious society.

Award Objectives

  • to give recognition and honour to hotel service staff who have displayed exemplary service and gracious behaviour at work to help others.
  • to encourage the hoteliers to recognise their employees who have gone the extra mile in their work to help others.
  • to celebrate kindness in people
  • to motivate and remind everyone that kindness and graciousness cuts across both ways in the giver and receiver.

History and Background

Established in 1994, the National Kindness Award – Service Gold was incepted by the then Singapore Courtesy Council and Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) to recognise and honour hotel staff who have gone the extra mile in their line of duty. This award is a celebration of the triumph in kindness in the hospitality industry. It is opened to both the Rank & File and Managerial level of hotel employees who had displayed kind acts of courtesy at their workplace.

In 2003, to appreciate guests who have exhibited exemplary graciousness to the service staff, a new category of ‘Gracious Guests’ have been introduced to thank those who have shown us the importance of reciprocating kindness and graciousness.

Over the years, the National Kindness Award – Service Gold has seen an increased in the number of participating hotels and have recognised over 1400 hotel staff since its inception.

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