Rachel faces an occasion she was not prepared for. Her mother tries her best to help. Will it be enough? Watch 'The Big Day' to find out.

Dr William Wan

General Secretary

At the Singapore Kindness Movement, we firmly believe Singapore has the potential to be a truly great country, one where Singaporeans treat each other with empathy, compassion and kindness.

Every individual on this land has a role to play to make Singapore a great place to live in. Everyone has the potential to be a better and greater version of themselves, no matter where they are on the social strata.

Hence, we came up with this year’s theme of “Be Greater”, where kindness means more than just doing small and random acts of kindness. Kindness should be purposeful, and become second nature, which is sustainable, and infectious.

We need to acknowledge that every one of us has a responsibility towards building a nation of kindness. Everyday situations in schools, sports, work or business, present opportunities for us to be kind. We should not have to question ourselves if we did the right thing. Being kind is the essence of being greater. Which is why “Be Greater” aims to enlighten Singaporeans on why being kind is a fundamental trait of greatness.

Join us. Be part of a greater movement.

Real People, Real Stories

These Singaporeans have gone above and beyond their functional responsibilities to bring light to the lives of people around them, making a permanent and sustainable impact on them. Hear their story.

Inspired By Real Life

Be part of a greater movement

BE GREATER was launched to embolden society to be kind, unhindered by doubts or self-consciousness. If you are looking for ways to contribute into making Singapore a kinder and more gracious society, start a ground-up movement or join one!

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