Ben and Bang

Showcases kindness in everyday situations and its repercussions

Ben and Bang

Featuring two good friends, Ben & Bang is a 14-episode video series that touches on hot-button issues ranging from cultural sensitivity and online bullying to community social graces like neighbourliness.


The Characters

Ben from Kindness


A self-focused and sceptic character, is portrayed as being hesitant and reserved in offering a helping hand. 


On the other hand, Bang has a laidback nature and is always happy to assist others.

Through different everyday scenarios, viewers can see how these two exceedingly different personalities react to the situations and the hilarious consequences which result from both their actions (or inaction).

As the public learns more about the two characters, the series advocates for mutual understanding and respect. Both protagonists are intentionally created to be relatable to Singaporeans, and their misdemeanours prove to be both humorous and with a learning point for the viewer.

Centering on various inconsiderate acts committed by Singaporeans, the Ben & Bang series point out these “tongue-in-cheek” behaviours which often create undesirable outcomes. By highlighting these actions through a lighthearted tone, Singapore Kindness Movement believes that people will pay more attention to their own mannerisms, and how it affects others around them.

Dr William Wan, General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement, observed:

“We have emphasised on the need for individuals to take the first step in the current campaign, “Kindness, It’s Up to Us”. In this video series, Singaporeans can see from both sides of the coin and hopefully take a proactive stance towards kindness.”

Ben & Bang videos will be uploaded to social media monthly, with some episodes appearing on air. The banter between the two will also be adapted in other media outlets, such as on double-decker buses, bus stops, as well as on MRT platform doors.

Keeping with the theme of Kindness, It’s up to us, Ben & Bang aims to remind Singaporeans that every individual has a part to play in creating a pleasant and gracious nation for one and all.

You can follow the series on SKM’s YouTube channel.

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