Kindness, It’s Up to Us

A nation of kindness starts with every individual

Kindness, It’s Up to Us

Kindness, It’s Up to Us challenges Singaporeans not only to acknowledge that a nation of kindness starts with every individual but to make the conscious decision to act out our innate kindness despite our reservations.

Kindness Its Up To Us

Dr. William Wan, General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement, said:

“We are heartened to see more and more people getting involved in pro-social activities and carrying out acts of kindness, but one significant barrier to getting people to act out their innate kindness is still the belief that ‘I better mind my own business and not get myself into trouble.’

By amplifying the decisions for kindness we can make in everyday scenarios, we hope to inspire and remind each other that it takes each and every one of us to choose to do the kind thing, to make kindness, graciousness and consideration values that our nation will be known for.”

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