Let’s Makan

A gathering of neighbours from different walks of life, sharing a meal together

Let’s Makan

It is the perfect opportunity for people living close together (upstairs, downstairs, or just down the corridor) to get together meaningfully. It hopes to foster closer relationships among neighbours.

A Let’s Makan session could be a small and cosy gathering or potluck session among a few neighbours… as long as everyone makan together!

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Organising a Let’s Makan session is easy.

  1. Round up a few of your neighbours and see if they are keen on the idea.
  2. Decide on the date and location & drop us a note here.
  3. Coordinate the menu. It’s great if everyone can bring something, whether home-cooked specialties or favourites from the nearby hawker centre.

And that’s it! You have a Let’s Makan session going.

Find and invite more neighbours if you feel like expanding your session! We have publicity materials such as posters and invitation cards available for your use. Simply visit our website or request it from us.

Here are some useful downloadable resources that will help you plan and publicise your Let’s Makan session, whether big or small.


Let’s Makan Leaflet
A quick guide to help you plan a session of any scale.


Planning Booklet
A more comprehensive planning guide, highly recommended for those organising large-scale sessions.


Publicity Poster
A poster template you can pin up around the neighbourhood. It is meant to help raise awareness of your upcoming session. Simply print as many copies as you need and write the essential event details (e.g. date, time, venue and theme) in the white space at the bottom.


Invitation Card
Use these to personally invite guests. Download, print, and write your event details in the yellow banner and more specific information in the white space below, such as instructions on what to bring, dress code (if any) and so on. You may give these out personally or drop them in your neighbours’ letterboxes.

Share your story with us!

We’re always looking for stories to inspire our materials and to help encourage more people to get involved. If you want to shout about your event, please get in touch via email, social media, snail-mail, or using the form below.

Let’s Makan Story
Please upload your video onto a hosting site (e.g. YouTube) and submit the link here.

Maximum file size: 5MB

Upload any relevant photos in JPG/PNG/GIF format here.

Or mail in your stories and photographs to us at:

Attention: Let’s Makan Team
Singapore Kindness Movement
61 Stamford Road
#04-12 Stamford Court
Singapore 178892

Email: [email protected]
#LetsMakan on Instagram / Twitter

Singapore Kindness Movement reserves the right to use submitted materials at its discretion.

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