Overcome as One

Fighting the virus with unity and kindness

Overcome as One
COVID-19 Overcome as One SKM

There’s more to overcoming COVID-19 than wearing masks and washing hands.

There’s appreciation – when we thank and support those on the frontlines.
There’s care – when we share with those in need.
There’s unity – when we look out for each other, not just ourselves.
And there’s kindness – when we do it all for the greater good.

That’s what it means to OVERCOME AS ONE.

SKM is inviting you to join us in our own “Overcome As One” mini-movement, building on and supporting the #SGUnited campaign.

We want to bring everything together where all of us can go out and help others in acts of kindness, to show that we can “Overcome as One”.

Here are some suggestions:

“Overcome as One” Anthem

Sing a song of kindness featuring our Ground Up Movement – Serendip Silver Chorale.
Music by Desmond Moey
Words by Dr William Wan

A gesture will go a long way

Take and upload photos and videos of yourself on social media with the hashtags #BeGreaterSG and #SGUnited.

Check out our “Overcome as One” gesture video that we would like you to join in to show your solidarity.

Simply take a video of yourself performing the “Overcome as One” gesture and upload it on your social media platform with hashtags #BeGreaterSG and #SGUnited.

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