Celebrating our kampung spirit!

Singapore's Friendly Neighbourhood Award (SFNA) 2023

We are a diverse mix of races, religions and cultures. Just like how every ingredient in a well-balanced rojak adds to its robust flavour, the sharing of our joys, festivals and friendships is what makes Singapore home.

Celebrating our kampung spirit!

Singapore's Friendly Neighbourhood Award (SFNA) 2023

We are a diverse mix of races, religions and cultures. Just like how every ingredient in a well-balanced rojak adds to its robust flavour, the sharing of our joys, festivals and friendships is what makes Singapore home.

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Recipients of SFNA 2023

Find out more on these real-life inspiring stories that embodied kampung spirit around the neighbourhoods.


Blk 2 Holland Avenue

As the connector for Block 2 Holland Ave, Mdm Wong set up “Kampung Elves”, together with a group of about 15 volunteers. They started HV Little Library on 5 Aug 2022 which is a community library space for the neighbourhood.

Regency Park Condo

Ranbir and his family initiated a “Fruit Basket Day” project in his estate in Regency Park. They have inspired the residents of Regency Park in giving back to the workers of the condominium by giving out collected fruits on every Friday.

Toa Payoh East Zone 6

The Toa Payoh East Zone 6 RN holds food distribution every week and they approached wholesalers to donate their unsold produce to the community. Residents had contributed funds to buy a community fridge called the “Dragon Chiller”, which allows residents to enjoy rescued food.

North East

Bedok Reservoir

 Being the “voice” of the people living in the Bedok Reservoir estate, Sandy builds strong relationships with the senior residents and juggles at least 10 WhatsApp Group chats to help and stay connected with the residents. The neighbourhood exemplifies “kampung spirit” with a massive network of help provided by volunteers.

Compassvale Helm

Compassvale Helm neighbours readily shares information and contact for housing maintenance, community of giving and sharing of household items. Residents readily share information via the Kampung WhatsApp Group chats and support recycling efforts of children by collecting and consolidating recycling materials.

North West

Yishun Floral Spring

Yishun Floral Spring Estate started a block WhatsApp Group chat during the pandemic as a platform to share tools and good deals. The neighbourhood celebrates festivities and organises community activities that are open to all races and religion.

Villa Verde

Villa Verde residents come together to promote the kampung spirit through various organised and self-initiated activities to learn, share and have fun together. The estate is organised by streets and led by street ambassadors, which are the point of contact to reach out, build rapport and maintain cohesiveness in the estate.

Blocks 676A & 676B Woodlands Drive 71

Led by Woodlands Seniors Citizen’s Executive committee,  morning exercises and brisk walks are conducted regularly. The neighbourhood also exemplifies kindness where neighbours will look out for each other and lend a helping hand to those in need.

South East

Kampung Circuit Community

 Knowing that many jobs were affected during the pandemic, the community sharing Pasar started in early 2021 where neighbours and friends who have more could share with other who have less or going through tough times. Neighbours donate essential items and help those in need and immobile to collect them.

Ping An Green

The Chai Chee neighbourhood organises and celebrates festivities to bond residents regularly. The neighbourhood collaborated with community partners to bring in and distribute rescued food on an ad-hoc basis. An existing Community Fridge was also setup beside the RC to provide rescued fruits and vegetables for the needy and elderly in the estate.

South West

West Terra

 Residents of West Terra, despite not being part of the grassroots, had always exhibited strong neighbourly behaviour. As a new estate of less than 5 years, it has a strong parent support group formed by couples with young children. Weekly storytelling sessions are organised for children in West Terra to learn Mandarin.

Skyline II @ Bukit Batok 

Known as the friendly neighbour of Blk 296C, John promotes a clean environment in the estate through litter picking and encourages residents to participate in activities like cycling and soccer. He has suggested building a street soccer court at their estate to keep the kampung spirit alive.

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