The New Neighbour/s

Meet Nasri.

Longtime resident, neighbourhood nice guy.

One day, Nasri spots an unfamiliar face in his neighbourhood – who might she be? Should he find out if she’s okay? Or simply stay away?

Make the choices for Nasri that will determine his actions and the plot’s outcome. 

Explore the different paths of neighbourliness (or not!).

And discover how a kinder you can make us stronger even with the smallest act of kindness.

This video was produced in accordance with IMDA safe distancing regulations, and portrays a non-COVID context.

About The Neighbours


Friendly, kind and resourceful guy who stays connected with all his neighbours.


A senior, who is feeling lonely and sad.


Handy-dandy guy in the neighbourhood, Nasri’s football kaki.


Enthusiastic neighbour-baker,  who has a tech-savvy teenage son.


Graduate who just returned back from his studies.

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Share the experience