Ground Up Movements (GUM)

Collaboration for promoting the message of kindness.

Ground Up Movements (GUM)

Over the years, many informal and self-organised groups have approached SKM to seek support for their self-initiated voluntary projects. These groups are affectionately called the Ground-up Movements (GUMs). Their projects promote the message of kindness to different communities or address more specific social issues.

SKM provides many forms of support to our GUMs, ranging from publicity for their events and activities via various media platforms to seed funding to help kick-start these projects.

SKM also facilitates collaboration between GUMs, to help expand the scale of projects and reach a broader audience.

If there’s a kindness cause you’d like to champion, do contact us and you’ll never know what we might achieve together!

GUM of the Month

Volunteer Bike Patrol

Taking matters into own hands, Zhivko Girginov, founder of Volunteer Bike Patrol, retrieves, repairs, and returns damaged shared-bikes to the designated areas (e.g. to the yellow boxes demarcated by LTA on the pavements besides bus stops and other public places).

With the issue of bikes cluttering public areas, being irresponsibly handled, generally posing as an inconvenience and an eyesore; the Volunteer Bike Patrol sets out with the mission of building a healthy bike-sharing environment and spreading the message of civic-mindedness and responsibility.

Join hands with Zhivko today to make Singapore a better home for all!

GUM over the Years

Youth for Ecology
You Can Reach The Sky
Yew Tee CCC
Woodlands CC Youth Club
While You Were Sleeping
Waiting For Lorry
Volunteer Bike Patrol
Unity & Peace
U Cares
The Volunteer Switchboard
The Morning Greeters
The Mad Race
The Hidden Good
The Heart Bazaar
The Hawker Sessions
The Gentlemen’s Movement
Strings for Kindness
Strangers of the Night
Siglap South CC YEC
Sama Sama
Runners’ Heart-Reach

Roti for Homies
Roses of Peace
Punggol Hibiscus RC
Project Unsung Hereos
Project Hello Stranger
Project I Am
Project Chulia Street
Project Awareness
Portraits for Migrant Workers

Playvocates in Action
Peter Draw
Participate in Design
Magic of Kindness – Syros
Light of Hope
Kindly Ever After
Just Saying Asia
Jurong Spring CC YEC
Happy People Helping People
Geylang Adventures

Familiar Strangers
Dr Leslie Tay
Diamonds on the Street
Deserving Singaporeans
Dance for Kindness – Aprine

Cassia Resettlement Team

Bob Lee Keng Siang
Blossom World
Blessings in a Bag
Beyond the Borders,
Behind the Man
Be Kind SG
Backalley Barbers

Air Amber
A Litter At A Time

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