Kindred Spirit Circle

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Kindred Spirit Circle

There are those who dream. And there are those who bring it to life.

Ground-up Movements (or affectionately known as GUMs) are SKM’s informal and self-organised groups that have self-initiated voluntary projects to promote the message of kindness to the community in Singapore. The term Ground-Up Movements (GUMs) was coined by Singapore Kindness Movement in 2012. Every year, we induct new GUMs during Kindness Day SG in May, and these recognised GUMs form our very own Kindred Spirit Circle.

And today, we take pride in the journeys that these groups have taken.

We are always on a look out to support kindness initiatives. Everyone has little annoyances that they cannot resist complaining about.

'Why not turn pet peeves into solutions, and take your ideas to action?'

Take courage, we believe in elevating and empowering you with the know-how, with the provision of seed funding, networking opportunities, and lending a voice to help kick start your movement. You can create a positive impact to everyday Singaporeans.

So you want to change the world?

Get started with the GUMs e-Playbook, a comprehensive guide for all things GUM-related.

It’s filled with useful info for every stage of your GUM’s development, from establishing to pitching it,
event planning to marketing, and more! It also includes case studies and ideas for further growth.
Download and start changing the world!