Christmas carolling

January 08, 2016 · Written by Ray Christian

After attending a networking session conducted by the Singapore Kindness Movement sometime back, the idea of building neighbourly friendship resonated with me. On 20th December, I organised a Christmas gathering for my block!

The gathering took place at the common area just outside my unit on the 32nd floor. The event was originally intended to start at 8.30 pm, but some of my neighbours were already streaming in before the event time, bringing with them food to share. Food portions that night were generous, enough to feed the entire kampung!

My family members and friends started with the singing of Christmas carols, and were soon joined in by the other neighbours. It was a beautiful sight.

By the time the singing was was over at 9.00 pm, there was a good crowd of around 20 families, all of us from the same block. As we are a relatively new flat, many of us took the opportunity to not only sample each other’s dishes, but also to chit-chat and make new friends!

When the party ended, way after 10 pm, there was much food left. My neighbours were kind to help to pack and distribute the balance food. I am glad many of them enjoyed the party.

To top it all up, I am already looking forward to organising another party with my neighbours this coming Christmas.

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