Jalan Bintang Tiga street party into 16th year

September 03, 2015 · Written by James Suresh

We must be the only street in Singapore that does this every year, and it’s only possible because of all the neighbours. Long-time residents have become more and more involved, not just contributing food, but also preparing and running games for the children. New residents, including some moved in as recently as June, have quickly captured our spirit and joined in.

With Nomination Day looming, our old friends Yee Jenn Jong and Charles Chong anyway made time to come, as they have done yearly for the last few years. Not only that, Jenn Jong brought along a couple of his party mates who he would be running with, while Charles was followed by his successor and a very special guest, ESM himself. What made us really happy was all of them readily chatting and taking pictures with each other and with the residents, and refusing to talk politics with the reporters, saying they were simply guests visiting a family and neighbourhood event.

Are we really the only street that does this? I hope not! We don’t have to wait for someone else to build this neighbourhood spirit for us – we can do it ourselves! I hope many more will do so.
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