It takes a village… to assemble a baby safe gate!

January 04, 2016 · Written by Sarah Lam
I bought a baby safety gate for my mom’s place and the sales person told me there is no need to drill. We opened the box today and realised otherwise (haha, I should have known better when the sales person was so eager to sell it)

Thank God for good Neighbours! We went to knock on one of their doors to borrow a drill and came back with the entire troop – the dad with a drill, the children with toys (see photos).

While the men were hard at work, baby N & I enjoyed our time with the kids.

And just as I am typing, my other Neighbour (man in green) came over to see what is all the drilling about. He then also stayed to help.

The whole village is here to help 🙂 how blessed!

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