Do you know your immediate neighbours well? Do you know their names?


People living in urban areas are well-connected with the world through our digital devices, we are at the same time becoming more distant and isolated from the people living just next to us. Is it because we’re too busy, or are we just waiting to get to know them by chance?


Hood Champions

HoodChampions creates the perfect opportunity for you to be a part of your neighbourhood.

Whether it’s finding a plumber for that urgent pipe leak, forming teams to compete in the inter-hood mahjong competition or sharing your latest bargain buys, there are so many ways neighbours can help each other and create more gracious and happening hoods across Singapore.  

Lets Makan

Let’s Makan is a gathering of neighbours from different walks of life, sharing a meal together. It is the perfect opportunity for people living close together (upstairs, downstairs, or just down the corridor) to get together meaningfully. It hopes to foster closer relationships among neighbours.

A Let’s Makan session could be a small and cosy gathering or potluck session among a few neighbours… as long as everyone makan together!

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