Friend of Singa (FOS)

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Friend of Singa (FOS)


Introduced in 1990, Friend of Singa (FOS) Primary programme is an initiative by SKM to encourage students to contribute beyond themselves and to the betterment of their surroundings. 2022 sees the popular FOS Primary programme transformed into mission undertakings so that Kindness becomes an inclusive movement for all.

Every student gets an opportunity to be a Friend of Singa. 118 primary schools have participated in the FOS Primary programme in 2021, and SKM welcomes students to continue exemplifying kindness through our FOS missions in 2022.

At the end of the year, students who have completed both FOS missions will be recognised as a Friend of Singa! Participating students also stand a chance to have their entries featured in Issue 2 and Issue 4 of the newsletters.

Secondary & SPED

The FOS Secondary programme began with the purpose of cultivating desirable behaviors and values in students. Building on the notion “Choose ___, Choose Kindness”, the 32nd edition of FOS seeks to empower students to be active Agents of Kindness in contributing beyond themselves and the betterment of their schools and communities.

By participating in the FOS programme, a school indicates their commitment to deliver at least a Kindness Initiative/Campaign and will be recognised as a Friend of Singa School at the end of the year at our Kindness Awards Ceremony.

Register here for FOS 2020

Hello again!

It’s 2020 and the annual Friend of Singa (FOS) is in its 30th Year!

We would like to invite your school to join us for another year of championing kindness in your school community.

Since 2015, FOS is no longer a competition, but based on sustained participation. We would like to encourage all schools to participate in FOS because of the want to create a kinder community within the respective school. FOS also complements Ministry of Education’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) & Values-in-Action (VIA) programmes.

About Friend of Singa

The annual FOS programme started in 1990 to recognize students who had gone the extra mile to show kindness. Participating teams will have to complete a kindness project within their school communities over a period of five months.

FOS is no longer awarded based on merit. Instead, schools will be recognized for sustained participation in FOS. This move is deliberate to complement MOE’s values-in-action (VIA) framework and the schools’ efforts in building character development amongst its students.

The theme for FOS 2020 is Kindness means ___________.

Participating schools are invited to nominate up to nine students for this programme. These students and their teacher in-charge will attend a half-day interactive workshop in February 2020 to equip them with skills such as design thinking, project management and polling methodologies. In addition, each approved proposal would also receive up to $150 funding to help kick start the kindness project.

Upon completion of the kindness project, these nominated students will be honored as FOS Ambassadors. SKM hopes that by giving the students such recognition, it will encourage their peers to emulate their fine example.

Friend of Singa is open to all primary, secondary, junior colleges, special schools, madrasahs and international schools.

To register

The programme is open to all Primary, Secondary, Special Education, International Schools and Madrasahs. To register, please click here.  As spaces are limited, we would encourage schools to register early to secure your preferred workshop dates and timing. Registration starts on 2 January 2020, Thursday and closes on 17 January 2020, Friday.

You may view the National Kindness Awards Ceremony (2019)’s photos here

Note: FOS Posters and introductory letter will be sent to the schools by the 1st week of January 2019.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact Ms Adeline Poh at [email protected] or at 6761 9126.

More information

Download the information guide & project proposal form here.

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