Write for Kindness

We encourage the youths to lend themselves readily to acts of kindness

Write for Kindness

Write for Kindness (WFK) is a national creative writing competition organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement, with the Singapore Book Council as programme partner. WFK is a platform for students to promote kindness to young children by creating age-appropriate and culturally relevant children’s stories through short stories, poetry, songs and illustrations.

Participating teams are required to attend a story-writing, poetry-writing, song composition, and/or illustration workshop by Singapore’s leading authors and illustrators. The workshop aims to facilitate the participants’ understanding of their target audience (pre-schoolers for short stories and primary school students for poems) and provide the fundamental skills in writing and illustrating for a younger audience.

Students will learn the value of kindness through stories and poems and the importance of teamwork, as well as the importance of using stories and poems to positively impact young children in their character development. They will also see stories and poetry as creative means of expressing cultural values.

To read the Write for Kindness winning stories and poems, please visit: https://kindsville.kindness.sg/stories/

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