1,812 students recognised as Kindness Ambassadors for bringing the lesson of Kindness to life

November 08, 2019

Singapore, 8 November 2019 – The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) hosted the annual National Kindness Awards 2019 today where 171 schools and 30 student-care centres were recognised for their efforts in executing projects that espouse the values of kindness and graciousness. The event was attended by guest-of-honour, Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung, as well as students, teachers, parents and supporters at D’Marquee, Downtown East. The award ceremony saw the presentation of four different award categories, Friend of Singa (FOS), Kindness Badge Award (KBA), Write for Kindness (WFK) and Seed Kindness Fund Junior (SKF JR).

The recognitions extend to a trio of involved stakeholders – students, teachers and schools. With students showing resilience in overcoming challenges to develop and execute projects, to teachers empowering their charges to drive the projects and schools being the platform for these projects to come to life. Projects as diverse as getting to know your neighbour to cultivating inclusiveness within the community were highlighted at the awards.

“The mark of a truly kind society is one in which the youngest members of society naturally behave in a gracious and selfless manner. When we inculcate such behaviour from young, these become norms upon which the next generation can fly its own flag. The innovative and enthusiastic projects that we have seen for this year’s edition are a promising indication of the next generation moving in the right direction in creating a greater society,” said Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Other than the awards that took place, there is a line-up of activities and exhibition booths showcasing featured works of the various awardees. Activities include the Web of Greatness, questioning the audience’s definition of Kindness and Greatness; thereby inviting them to contribute to the materialisation of a visual piece titled: “What Makes You Great?”

The exhibition and activities will run from the day of the Awards Ceremony through to the end of the weekend from 8 to 10 November, 11am to 9pm at Downtown East’s E!Avenue.

The exhibition features 60 selected FOS projects and 30 SKF JR projects in honour of the exceptional kindness work done by the respective students within their community and beyond. On top of that, the synopsis of the winning entries for WFK projects are showcased alongside the KBA projects to honour the great work the students have done in their contributions to build a kinder and greater nation.

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