Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wraps the interactive film trilogy with a mystery film: 3:13

September 30, 2022

30 September 2022 – Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wraps the interactive film trilogy up with a mystery interactive film titled 3:13. In the past two interactive films, The Dress and The New Neighbour/s both explored the different paths of neighborliness where viewers discovered that kindness sparked by one can be spread to others, creating a ripple effect that leads to a stronger community.

Directed by Glenn Chan, 3:13 takes place in an old neighbourhood and follows a set of neighbours who are awakened by a disturbance in the middle of the night. Viewers are invited to unravel the truth about the mysterious disturbance. Viewers in the hot seat are also presented with the opportunity to get to know the neighbours and learn the value of kindness.

Award-winning best-supporting theatre actress, Nora Samosir, leads the cast with Vasantham actress, Sajini Naidu, and local personalities, Farah Lola and Jeremiah Tropic.

SKM’s Be Greater campaign continues its narrative of ‘A kinder you, a stronger us’ to
strengthen neighbourliness and residents’ sense of belonging within their communities. When neighbours have a higher sense of belonging, they become inclined to show consideration toward others and their environment.

In the coming months of October and December, MRT stations City Hall and Bugis
Downtown Line will be decked out in kindness. The out-of-home print ads by SKM are focused on the three norms of gracious living, appreciation and mutual aid. They emphasise the impact of how simple words of affirmation matter and can make someone’s day. Words can help to recognise and celebrate our diverse and unique cultures, fostering a gracious and harmonious society for everyone to live in.

Inspired by true local stories that were covered on The Pride, the stop motion images on the print ads feature scenarios where kindness can prevail in simple everyday situations. Accompanying the scenarios are QR codes where commuters are able to scan and watch the images come to life in a 15-second statement clip.

“Fostering good neighbourliness and cultivating a higher sense of belonging to our
communities are ways we can become a stronger society. Sharing simple words of
affirmation with each other can help turn neighbours into friends. When we speak and emulate kindness in our daily routine, we create a society that places importance in being gracious and kind. A kinder you, a stronger us!” shared Dr William Wan, General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement.

‘3:13’ will be released on Singapore Kindness Movement’s website on Friday, 30
September 2022.

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