Be Greater – Another Step Towards Greatness

January 25, 2019

Singapore Kindness Movement’s (SKM) current theme and call to action is to “Be Greater”. This challenges Singaporeans and other residents to go beyond random acts of kindness, and instead consider our individual and collective values. Be Greater redefines kindness in character as the measure of success that really matters, not the usual associations of wealth, status, and power.

The new Be Greater statement video is a follow-through on the first one from last July. To inspire and nudge Singaporeans, stories are told showing individuals who come from all walks of Singapore society. To the 4 characters portrayed in the first video, the follow-up video features an additional cast of 3 characters, more obviously placed within neighbourhood settings.

Together, this communicates that everyone can be greater by being proactively kind within their own circles. There are also backstory videos of real individuals on whom these characters are based, sharing their own experiences why they chose kindness as they saw the opportunity around them.

Everyday situations, made kinder by these everyday real people, highlight how being greater is something easily achievable by all. Being kind and emulating gracious behaviour can become second nature. Be Greater aims to embolden society to be kind, unhindered by doubts or self-consciousness. As we respond, kindness and caring become part of our identity that Singaporeans can take pride in.

Be Greater is a call for everyone to be better versions of ourselves, for a more gracious Singapore.

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