Be Greater – Making Kindness our Legacy

October 05, 2020

“The Big Day” encourages Singaporeans to make kindness their legacy.

SINGAPORE – 5 October 2020 – Singapore Kindness Movement has launched a new “Be Greater” video, reminding Singaporeans to treat others with kindness, and live a legacy of greatness that will last for generations to come. Titled “The Big Day”, this new statement video aims to bring hope amidst these trying times, with the message that gracious and considerate acts can uplift the community and that kindness, will prevail.

Following a day in the life of the protagonist named Rachel, she tries her best to treat the people around her with kindness, following the heartfelt advice from her mother. The constant soothing presence of her mother inspires Rachel to step up and make a difference to the strangers around her. Viewers will realise that there is more than meets the eye, when the occasion of “The Big Day” is eventually revealed, and why Rachel keeps her mother’s words of advice close to her heart.

Award-winning theatre actress, Nora Anny Samosir, stars as Rachel’s mother in this short film, supported by performances from TV personality, Varman Chandra Mohan, and up-and-coming actress, Tara Tan Jie Ming as Rachel.

“The Big Day” features the performance of renowned local theatre actress, Nora Anny Samosir.

This video reinforces the Be Greater message, that kindness in character is the measure of greatness. Acts of kindness received, especially during dire times, are firmly etched in our hearts and minds. “The Big Day” aims to show that when small and simple acts of kindness add together, it not only creates a greater impact on loved ones and the general society, but also inspire the future generation to be kind and gracious.

“When we treat others with kindness, we create a ripple effect which encourages the people around us to do the same. Kindness is never wasted. Our time on this planet is limited, but our legacy lives on far beyond our mortal years. Let’s all strive to make kindness our legacy, by leaving a trail of kind acts wherever we go, and with that, kindness, will live on.” Dr William Wan, General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement commented.

“The Big Day” will be released on Singapore Kindness Movement’s website , Facebook page and YouTube page on Monday, 5 October 2020 .

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