Have a jolly ‘hood’ time at HoodChampions: Battle of the Hoods

March 31, 2018 · 1 mins read

Singapore, 31st March 2018 – Singapore Kindness Movement hosted HoodChampions: Battle of the Hoods 2018 on Saturday, 31st March 2018 from 5pm to 9pm at Hong Lim Park. This community event brought neighbours together in the spirit of friendly competition. The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of National Development and Trade and Industry, Dr Koh Poh Koon.

The main highlight was the Inter-hood Chilli Crab Cook-Off Competition, where enthusiastic home cooks from different districts battled it out for the accolade of best chilli crab in Singapore.

After a tough deliberation, it was decided by the panel of judges, including Dr Koh Poh Koon, that North-East’s (Hougang) Chilli Crab outshone its competitors. Team Fei Lou walked away with the title of “Best Tasting Chilli Crab”, winning a pair of return tickets to Okinawa, Japan, sponsored by Jetstar Asia.

Participants also added their creative touches by painting Singa benches, and they also tookpart  in “Hood Games” which involved pitching their skills at ‘Kampung games’ such as Chapteh, Eraser War, Scissors-Paper-Stone, Hopscotch, Can-Toss, and Pick-up Sticks.

Dr Koh said:

“It is heartening to see so many neighbours coming together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. The unity and harmony displayed is reminiscent of the good old kampong days, where everyone knew each other and treated each other like family. While the Government can build houses, it is truly the people who build homes. I am happy to see so many people taking the time to connect and build friendships with their neighbours, creating shared memories to be cherished and collecting stories to tell their children in the years to come.”

Dr William Wan, General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement added,

“I’m delighted to see the harmony and bond that has been formed through this event. Chilli crab is a Singaporean specialty, and the different recipes just show how diverse and unique this dish is to different neighbourhoods. This event managed to bring them all together and I believe that these kind of events are a step towards a more harmonious and gracious Singapore.”

Click here to view more photos from the HoodChampions: Battle of the Hoods event.

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