Singapore Kindness Movement collaborates with Moses Lim and launches the “Be Kind, Be Happy” vernacular videos series 新加坡行善运动与资深艺人林益民合作, 推出方言在线谈话节目《为善最乐》

February 09, 2021
Be Kind Be Happy
Singapore’s well-loved comedian, Moses Lim, will host this special 3-part series with General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement, Dr William Wan.


Singapore, 9 February 2021 – Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) collaborates with renowned local actor, Moses Lim 林益民, in a 3-part webisode series named “Be Kind, Be Happy”;《为善最乐》in Chinese. The light-hearted chat show will feature SKM’s Voice of Loving Kindness (VoLK) Moses Lim and General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement, Dr William Wan 袁国栋博士, engaging in lively discussions with invited guests on the topic of neighbourliness.

With the purpose of engaging the elderly through conversational modes that they resonate with, “Be Kind, Be Happy” sees the hosts engaging in spirited banter with a local twist, weaving in Chinese dialects, English and Mandarin during the conversations. The chat show will showcase different guests talking about one common topic; how to improve neighbourliness among Singaporeans. Local actress, Cassandra See 薛素姗, will share her own experiences in cultivating good relations with her neighbours in the first episode.

Filmed at the sponsored location of Calla Lily Presidential Suite in One Farrer Hotel, all cast and guests volunteered to appear on this series on a pro bono basis. The first episode is now available to view on Singapore Kindness Movement’s Facebook and YouTube page. The following “Be Kind, Be Happy” episodes will be released on these dates:
● 2nd episode – Wednesday, 3 March
● 3rd episode – Monday, 22 March

As a VoLK, “Be Kind, Be Happy” is an endeavour that greatly excites Moses Lim. He views it as a valuable opportunity to engage with the Mandarin and dialect-speaking group and is a topic close to the veteran compere’s heart.

“As I would often visit my relatives who stayed in a kampung in the past, I had many opportunities to experience the ‘gotong royong’ spirit of the yesteryears. The community was very bonded, friendly and helpful to neighbours in the kampung, even though each neighbour was situated further apart than we are right now with our neighbours. As for visitors like myself, they were also very friendly and warm to us. ‘Be Kind, Be Happy’ hopes to recreate that sense of community in current times, and have a lively discussion about ways to foster neighbourliness.” Moses Lim said.

“The topic of neighbourliness is very much relevant, as Singaporeans spend most of the time working from home in the current new normal.” Dr William Wan concurred. “There are also many elderly citizens who stay alone thus it is important that we look out for them. We hope that this web series will encourage more interactions between neighbours, and foster healthy and constructive relationships. As the saying goes, ‘Neighbours by chance, friends by choice’, I believe our society will be much more gracious, if we take the first step to befriend and look out for our immediate neighbours.”

“I am a firm believer in the Chinese saying, ‘远亲不如近邻’. A friendly neighbour can assist us in our times of need, much more than a relative who is staying far away from us. Most Singaporeans are often shy and feel ‘paiseh’ to get to know their neighbours. I hope viewers can make use of the upcoming Lunar New Year to share some New Year treats with their neighbours, and break the ice to build a closer community within our living environment.” Cassandra See remarked.

The teaser video can be viewed here.
The first episode can be viewed here.


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