Singapore Kindness Movement launches Our COVID-19 Heroes campaign to highlight the roles that Singaporeans and essential workers play in the continued fight against COVID-19

September 09, 2020

Singapore, 9 September 2020 – The Singapore Kindness Movement has today, launched a tribute campaign titled “Our COVID-19 Heroes”. This two-part campaign consists of an online tribute video and posters on bus stops island-wide featuring Singaporeans from all walks of life, and essential workers from different industries.

The campaign displays how a grateful nation is a greater nation, where gratitude is a two-way street. It aims to show appreciation, and inspire both essential workers and Singaporeans to continue working together to get through this difficult time.

The video sees ordinary Singaporeans showing appreciation to our COVID-19 heroes in different languages and Singapore Sign Language, and captures the reactions of the heroes upon watching the video submissions from the public in a split-screen format.

Singaporeans expressing their gratitude and COVID-19 heroes’ reactions captured in a split-screen format in the tribute video.Singaporeans expressing their gratitude and COVID-19 heroes’ reactions captured in a split-screen format in the tribute video.

The featured heroes consist of healthcare workers, delivery riders, transport workers, a migrant worker and a safe distancing enforcement officer from Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital, GrabFood, Ninja Van, Go Ahead Singapore Pte Ltd, SMRT Buses Ltd and Transit Link Pte Ltd.

Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement said that this campaign is an expression of heartfelt appreciation and respect from Singapore to Singapore’s COVID-19 heroes and vice versa.

“In the past months, we have witnessed moments of kindness and unity such as Singaporeans coming together to applaud frontliners, penning notes of appreciation and even donating their time and money to helping different groups of people affected by the pandemic. However, kindness is not one-way. Through this, we can see how our kind words have had a positive impact on our essential workers, and how appreciative they are. This, in turn, encourages them to continue the fight against the virus, with our help. Although it has been a long battle, it is only when we all continue to do our part, can we emerge stronger and more resilient as a nation after this episode is over,” said Dr. William Wan.

Photos of our COVID-19 heroes displayed at bus stops island-wide

The video and posters will be released today, 9 September 2020 on Singapore Kindness Movement’s website, social media platforms and at bus stops island-wide.

To view the video and posters, click here.

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