Singapore Kindness Movement Strikes A Chord With New Music Track “B-Greater”, Using Music To Foster Kindness

October 03, 2023

SINGAPORE, 3 OCTOBER 2023 – Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) today debuted a new music track and an accompanying music video (MV) titled “B-Greater” as part of its BE GREATER campaign. The hip-hop track encapsulates what it means for everyone in society, regardless of social strata, to play an integral role in demonstrating kindness and otherness.



The B-Greater single follows local rapper Danial Bawthan, or better known as Wheelsmith, who becomes a witness to interactions in his neighbourhood often characterised by individualism. Inspired to become the change he wants to see in society, Wheelsmith challenges his fellow citizens to be a greater version of themselves.

Beyond its catchy tune, the B-Greater track carries a profound message – that we have it in us to reflect, unite, and strive for greatness every day in our communities.

A key theme of B-Greater is neighbourliness and the track beckons Singaporeans to recognise and connect with their fellow community members. B-Greater encourages the creation of environments where individuals feel comfortable in offering and seeking assistance, to deepen a sense of community belonging among all. The track also spotlights the role Singaporeans play in fostering trust and strengthening bonds among neighbours through their daily interactions.

“Through B-Greater, we want to remind everyone that although there may always be noise and disputes, we have the power to overcome them and build a more gracious society. Being a part of the production of B-Greater also reinforced my belief that we must go beyond individual effort and amplify kindness as a community,” said Wheelsmith.

Dr. William Wan*, who will take on a  new role as SKM’s Senior Consultant as of 1 Oct said, “Kindness is not just a virtue, it’s the foundation of greatness. Music has had a long history in rallying communities to tackle adversity or to stand behind a common purpose, and this is no different. B-Greater is a simple call for Singaporeans to embrace kindness as an essential trait of greatness.”

The production of the B-Greater MV involved a talented team, including Flightsch (music producer), Bless7up (video production), Zendyll (distribution), and Ryan Lim (choreography) and features Wheelsmith, KEYANA and Dr. William Wan, who become the stewards of kindness.

Jon, Founder and Creative Director of Zendyll Production said “At Zendyll, we believe in the transformative power of music to inspire positive change, and this collaboration with SKM has allowed us to harness that power in the most meaningful way. This music video is a testament to the enduring spirit of kindness that thrives within the hearts of Singaporeans, and we hope that it will serve as a reminder of the importance of compassion, empathy, and unity in building a kinder Singapore.”

Ezekiel Keran, Singapore-based music producer, artiste manager, label owner, and A&R executive of Flightsch added, “It was an absolute joy closely collaborating with the wordsmith Wheelsmith, the ever-talented Keyana, the wonderful team at Zendyll and of course, SKM. Their meaningful proposal resonated with us as we are all aware of the positive social impact of neighbourliness and being a part of B-Greater allowed us to contribute our small part in promoting this virtue in the Singaporean spirit.”



As part of the launch campaign for the B-Greater track and music video, there will be offline activations to transform public spaces into platforms for positive change, ensuring that the message of kindness and unity resonates throughout Singapore. From Out-of-Home displays (OOHs) to neighbourhood activations, the campaign will reach Singaporeans and locals with its eye-catching visuals and messages.

The Great Jams Catalogue sets to infuse City Hall MRT with vibrancy and engagement, which will be prominently displayed on gantries and pillars at the MRT platform from October to November, creating a visual feast for commuters and travellers alike.

From November 2023 to February 2024, ProjectheARTlands 23 — an installation thoughtfully curated by SKM for an innovative and immersive experience. This project seeks to bring art and kindness into the heartlands of Singapore to foster positive change and spread kindness and unity across Singapore. Scheduled to take place at Admiralty, Limbang SC, Northshore Plaza and Toa Payoh HDB Hub, Project

heARTlands’s experience will touch the hearts of Singaporeans and locals through experiential and thought-provoking messages.



“The “Be Greater” campaign, with the impactful “B-Greater” song at its heart, is dedicated to charting a positive path forward to a kinder Singapore. It is more than just a catchy song. It represents a profound call to action, urging every individual in Singapore to embrace kindness and compassion,” said Michelle Tay*, who relinquished her role as SKM’s Head of Partnerships and took on the new role of Director of Operations and Programs as of 1 Oct.

The B-Greater campaign reaffirms the importance of kindness as a core value, marking a significant stride toward shaping a Singapore characterised by kindness, inclusivity, and empathy as the nation advances toward a brighter future.

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