The New Neighbour/s – A kinder you, a stronger us

November 12, 2021

The new interactive film, “New Neighbour/s” reinforces kindness as a fundamental building block for a stronger community.

1 November 2021 – Singapore Kindness Movement has launched an interactive film titled ‘New Neighbour/s’, which reinforces the collective strength of each individual’s kindness within the community.

In this new interactive film, we follow Nasri, a young man who encounters a new neighbour who has just moved in and needs assistance. The choices that he will be deliberating will be no different from those we would consider when faced with a similar situation. Viewers will be able to immerse themselves as Nasri and are thrust into the hot seat of making decisions and charting the narrative. Should Nasri go the extra mile in helping the new neighbour settle into the neighbourhood? Are there anyone in the neighbourhood who can help Nasri?

Viewers will discover that kindness sparked by one can be spread to others, creating a ripple effect that leads to a stronger community.

Award-winning Vasantham actress, Kokila, stars as Nasri’s new neighbour in this interactive film. Supported by performances from TV personality Nasri Hashim and social media personality Benjamin, also known as The Smiling Afro.

Said Kokila: “I feel honoured and excited at the same time to be a part of this interactive film where the viewers get to choose how the story unfolds. Being kind and friendly to our neighbours, especially seniors who live alone, whom I portray in the film, is very important. We may have relatives and friends, but they may not stay next to us. Whereas our neighbours are just next to us, and in urgent need, it is our neighbours who can help.”

‘The New Neighbour/s’ will be released on Singapore Kindness Movement’s website on Monday, 1 November 2021.


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