This Christmas, Waterway Point invites everyone to spread kindness and joy with a virtual high five with Singa the Kindness Lion!

November 27, 2020

• Throughout the month of December, Waterway Point will be hosting iconic mascot, Singa the Kindness Lion in a campaign that invites shoppers and families to spread kindness throughout the community with words of encouragement and positivity.

• The campaign is a partnership between Waterway Point and the Singapore Kindness Movement, and is titled “#HighFive with Singa this Christmas!”. As part of the campaign, a four-metre tall Singa Christmas Tree will be on display at the mall, together with videos of community leaders and school children pledging their acts of kindness and encouragement for others.

• To encourage others to partake in this initiative and spread the Christmas spirit, Waterway Point will donate a 5kg bag of rice for needy families through The Food Bank Singapore for every photo posted on Instagram with a message that spreads kindness, encouragement and positivity throughout community and the official campaign hashtags “#High5Singa” and “#WWPXmas20”.

SINGAPORE, 26 NOVEMBER 2020 – This holiday season, Waterway Point and the Singapore Kindness Movement are inviting shoppers to spread joy, warmth and hope in the community through a thoughtful campaign titled #HighFive with Singa this Christmas!, as we draw a close to 2020. Through the campaign, shoppers are encouraged to join Singa the Kindness Lion with a virtual high five, and spread kindness throughout community with simple gestures or messages of encouragement and positivity. With every contribution to this cause, the campaign strives to create a cascading effect of kindness and graciousness throughout Singapore.

“This Christmas may look a little different from preceding years, but the spirit of giving back and gratitude stays rooted with us. With this campaign, we are inviting shoppers to brighten someone else’s day with simple yet meaningful acts of kindness and encouragement. In this way, we hope to bring joy into our mall with a small campaign that highlights how every small act of kindness can go a long way in laying a strong foundation of respect and care in our society, to build a resilient community that is always ready to support and uplift one another,” said Koreen Koh, General Manager at Waterway Point.

“Christmas is a season of goodwill to all. It is a time to spread love and hope, even more so in this pandemic. Let’s remember a kind word, a caring call or a helping hand to our loved ones who may be out of sight, but never out of mind. Let’s reach out to our neighbours with a simple act of kindness, making Christmas relevant every single day,” said Dr William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Rekindling the community spirit

Looking back on the year 2020, we have seen people from all walks of life come together to spread positivity, cheer and kindness to help others overcome unprecedented adversities. Be it a simple gesture of checking in on a loved one or offering to buy groceries for a needy family, these small acts have kindled the community spirit anew, and provided much needed support and encouragement for all.

In celebration of such acts of kindness, and to continue spreading the festive cheer this season, shoppers are encouraged to join the #HighFive with Singa this Christmas! campaign to strengthen this collective, caring spirit – one act of kindness at a time. In the month of December, over 50 heartfelt messages of kindness and encouragement from community leaders, local celebrities, kindness ambassadors, SKM VoLKs (Voices of Loving Kindness), and other familiar faces in the community will be displayed on a unique Singa Christmas Tree at the Waterway Point Village Square at Level 1, West Wing.1 Standing at four metres tall, the Singa Christmas Tree comprises over 50 Singa figurines each holding a message card, and marks the visual centrepiece of the campaign. Video messages will also be shown on television screens at the Village Square, complementing the Singa Christmas Tree for all to join in this collective movement of spreading joy and kindness.

One act of kindness supports a family in need

Shoppers are encouraged to join Singa in sharing a symbolic virtual high five (as depicted above) and spread the word on social media.

To join in the festivities and pass on these acts of kindness within the community, shoppers can make their own gifts of kindness in front of the Singa Christmas Tree! To do so, they can simply raise their hand for a symbolic high five gesture with Singa, post a photo of their gesture on Instagram with the official campaign hashtags “#High5Singa” and “#WWPXmas20”, and share their own words of encouragement in the captions.

As the mall’s pledge to give back to the community, Waterway Point will donate a 5kg bag of rice for needy families through The Food Bank Singapore for every photo posted with the official hashtags “#High5Singa” and “WWPXmas20”.2 Up to 1,000 bags of rice will be distributed, which can provide up to 16,600 meals across Singapore.

In this way, the #HighFive with Singa this Christmas! campaign hopes to brighten this holiday season by encouraging shoppers to take a moment to make someone else happy, create a ripple effect of kindness within the community, and foster a kinder and more gracious Singapore.

Singa memorabilia up for grabs

10 sets of Singa NDP Limited Edition Box Sets (left) and 50 sets of DIY Singa in a Bauble (right) will be available for shoppers who share their acts and messages of kindness on social media with the official campaign hashtags.

To continue spreading joy and smiles this Christmas, shoppers can also bring home exclusive Singa memorabilia. By posting their messages of kindness on social media, shoppers will stand a chance to receive one of 10 special sets of Singa NDP Limited Edition Box Set and a $50 Frasers Property Digital Gift Card, or one of 50 DIY Singa in a Bauble – a white mini resin Singa figurine that can be painted or decorated in any way to express their creativity.

Shoppers can also choose to gift this iconic kindness mascot to others this Christmas. Exclusively for this Christmas, 450 Singa Plushies (valued at $19.90) and 550 Singa “Kindness In A Bottle” Eco Bottle Sets (valued at $28.80) are sure to bring smiles to family and friends! They will be available for shoppers to bring home, with a minimum spend of $1203 at Waterway Point, to truly embody this season of giving.

Kindness for the year ahead

Any hurdle, no matter how challenging it may be, can be overcome if we stay united and support one another. As we look onward in the year ahead, the #HighFive with Singa this Christmas! campaign strives to uplift communities with hope and positivity, and inspire more moments of kindness in our society.

For more information on the full list of activities and rewards for shoppers at Waterway Point for this Christmas campaign, please refer to!

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