Three public transport workers named Kindness Champions

October 29, 2013

SINGAPORE: Three public transport workers have been named Kindness Champions for the year for their exemplary customer service.

They are Comfort taxi driver Ang Yeow Chuan, SMRT bus captain D Suppiramaniam Duraisamy, and Transit Link customer service officer Roliah Aswat.

They received their awards from Senior Minister of State Transport and Finance Josephine Teo at a ceremony on Monday morning.

They were among 425 frontline staff and drivers from public transport companies recognised in this year’s National Kindness Award — Transport Gold event.

Ms Teo commended the recipients for their good service, and said commuters have to be gracious to play a part in making the trip pleasant for all.

Dr William Wan, general secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement, said: “We want to encourage more people to take ownership, that we can — by our own action, by our own behaviour, by our own word and deed — create a more pleasant society.”

First published in CNA/ac – 28 October 2013

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