SKM Culture

At SKM, we keep our Team Kindness core-values of Synergy, Kinship and Mindset (SKM) in our hearts and minds, and in everything we do.

SKM Culture Synergy Icon

Synergy is about teamwork. We are convinced that Together Each Achieves More (TEAM). Though we have our assigned sectors and each has a primary focus, we permit colleagues to call on one another to help in our respective tasks when there is a need. We make it a habit  of asking each other, “How can I set you up for success?” Territorial mindset is actively discouraged.

SKM Culture Kinship Icon

Kinship is about friendship. We consider the team our second family because we spend as much time at work as we do at home. We believe in building a bonding relationship where we learn to care for and share with one another. We multiply our joys and divide our sorrows. We know that when we enjoy working together and have fun achieving our collective passion, we gain a sense of well-being and become more productive. We look forward to work because we appreciate both the work and the people we work with.

SKM Culture Mindset Icon

Mindset is about our attitudes and perspectives. We believe in a positive “can do” mentality. Two men look through the bars; one sees the mud, the other the stars. We want to be known as the optimistic star-gazers. Our perspective is bounded solely by how far we are prepared to dream and imagine. There are no insurmountable problems, only exciting challenges.