"Then How?"

Kindness in the New Normal

This crisis has been tough, but it has also brought out the best in us. We’ve witnessed many acts of kindness and generosity from individuals and ground-up movements alike in the past months. We’ve also seen many do their part, from essential workers keeping us going to ordinary citizens respecting the measures to keep everyone safe. Let’s continue to acknowledge and appreciate all these efforts!

The way we live, work and play are different now. But in the new normal, kindness can still prevail with just a few simple adjustments to our lifestyle. Let this fun poster series show you how – save them, print them, and most of all, follow them! With more graciousness, consideration and empathy on top of our continued social responsibility, we can emerge stronger and more united than ever.

The posters below are available for download and will be regularly updated.

Back to school, then how?

As we go back to school, let’s keep the kindness and consideration going.

Though our usual ways of hanging out are different now, let’s be responsible and caring! While chatting or playing in school, always keep a safe distance, and our masks on. Look out for classmates too, by checking on their
health and well-being.

Be greater, choose kindness.

Cannot talk, then how?

As buses and trains get crowded again with safe distancing and no-talking measures in place, kindness can easily be adapted to the new normal too. Let’s stay alert to those who might need a seat, more space, or to squeeze past us, and gesture to communicate, including waving to greet the driver!

Be greater, choose kindness.

Lift full, then how?

Let’s practise consideration and courtesy to keep the lifts safe and comfortable for everyone. If you’re outside, simply wait for the next lift. If inside, politely ask those outside not to squeeze in. An extra minute of waiting can go a long way in shortening the wait for this crisis to end!

Be greater, choose kindness.

SKM Lift Full Then How A4
New Norm-Never Follow Line Then How-A4 Poster

Never follow line, then how?

Let graciousness help us adjust to the new normal of safe distancing in queues. If anyone queues too close to you, a gentle and polite reminder should make things right.. Stay calm, stay cool, and we can all stay safe and overcome this crisis together!

Be greater, choose kindness.

See nurse, then how?

You’re looking at a hero! How we choose to react reflects who we are – as a person and a nation. So, send an appreciative thumbs-up or nod his or
her way! It’s a great way to give them
(and other frontliners) encouragement
and a morale boost.

Be greater, choose kindness.

SKM Drop Something Then How A4 Poster

Drop something, then how?

Worried about picking up something that doesn’t belong to you? If the owner is nearby, call out and let him or her come over to pick it up. If not, bring it to the info counter or police station, then wash your hands. Don’t just leave it there!

Be greater, choose kindness.

Long queue, then how?

Patience is truly a virtue in these times. Service may take a little longer due to the safety measures, but let’s remain patient, positive and appreciative of the hawkers who are doing their best. And if you’re dabao-ing, it’s even better to bring your own container!

Be greater, choose kindness.

New Norm - Long Queue Then How A4 Poster
New Norm - Fall Down Then How A4 FA

Fall down, then how?

If it’s an urgent situation, don’t hesitate to help. If not, ask from a safe distance if the person needs assistance. Don’t just ignore the situation and walk away!

Be greater, choose kindness.

Got a tip to share?

Comment below and we may feature it as a new poster! Your tip should be about how we can be kind in the new normal of safe distancing and minimised social contact.