About SKM

Find Kindness in Everyone

We believe we can find kindness in every person.

That is why the Singapore Kindness Movement (S.K.M) wants to encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness. We aspire to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time. By sparing a thought for the people around us, we hope each of us can be greater, create a more gracious society, and make life better for you and me.

SKM is a non-government, non-profit organisation, as well as a registered charity and Institution of Public Character.

Background and History

In his 1996 New Year Message, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong highlighted the need for Singapore to become a gracious society by the 21st century.

Considerate social behaviour supported by a strong economy and good government will make Singapore the best home for its people.

In line with Mr Goh’s call to build a gracious society, the Singapore Kindness Movement, formed in 1997, aims to encourage Singaporeans to make a real commitment to gracious living through simple acts of kindness in their daily activities.

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A Gracious Singapore: one kind act at a time.
Culture, heritage, education and civic-mindedness make up a gracious society.

One whereby people

Appreciate the spiritual development and the arts—the finer things in life.

Know their roots and are tolerant of that of the others.

Have a strong desire for learning and reading, beyond the pursuit of academic qualifications.

Lend themselves readily to acts of kindness, volunteer work and philanthropy, etc. for the betterment of society.

It’s the little pieces that form the big picture.

With every small act of kindness, we create a gracious society with proper social behaviour to make life better for everyone. So start, show and share kindness today. Kindness, Bring it on!

Our Vision and Mission