SKM’s Branding and IP

What does our logo stand for?

The two strokes and ovals of the Singapore Kindness Movement logo depict two people – one who does an act of kindness and the other who receives it. The freehand strokes combine to form a heart. In it, red symbolises love for our fellow man and green represents caring for the environment, tolerance, creativity and consideration.

Singa the Kindness Lion
Singa the Kindness Lion, the familiar icon for the courtesy that most Singaporeans grew up with is placed together with the kindness heart, bringing courtesy and kindness together to foster a more gracious society. He holds up a yellow gerbera daisy, which is a symbol of appreciation that has become synonymous with the notion of kindness and appreciation in Singapore and with the Singapore Kindness Movement.

The words “Singapore Kindness Movement” has a font type of Filson Soft, which has a rounded corner and curvy finial. This was chosen because the legs of the “k” and “t” are more cursive, symbolising a greater movement with more impact when we Be Greater together.

Be Greater redefines kindness in character as the measure of success that really matters, not the usual associations of wealth, status, and power. The word, ‘GREATER’ is highlighted in bold to embolden society to be kind, unhindered by doubts or self-consciousness. ‘BE GREATER’ is pertinently placed before the chevron (“>”), or mathematically known as the “greater than” symbol. This visual placement encapsulates the central idea that everyone has the potential to be a better and greater version of themselves. The words ‘BE GREATER’ are capitalised to indicate that if everyone individually greater, the impact of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It serves as a call for everyone to be better versions of ourselves, for a more gracious Singapore.

Singapore Kindness Movement has intellectual property rights over the SKM logo, image of Singa the Lion and the word Singa.

Use of these should be with the consent of Singapore Kindness Movement.

Please contact us at [email protected] for inquiries relating thereto.

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Every individual has a part to play in creating a pleasant and gracious nation.

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