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What does our logo stand for?

Logo of Singapore Kindness Movement

The two strokes and ovals of the Singapore Kindness Movement logo depict two people—one who does an act of kindness and the other who receives it. The freehand strokes combine to form a heart.

In it, red symbolises love for our fellow man and green represents caring for the environment, tolerance, creativity and consideration.

Since March 2001, the National Courtesy Campaign, first launched in 1979, was incorporated into the Singapore Kindness Movement. Indeed, courtesy is the simplest form of kindness, and sincerity underpins both courtesy and kindness – kindness comes from the heart, and courtesy forms the action, the outward expression of kindness.

Singa the Lion, the familiar icon for the courtesy that most Singaporeans grew up with, is placed together with the kindness heart, bringing courtesy and kindness together to foster a more gracious society. He holds up a yellow gerbera daisy, which is a symbol of appreciation that has become synonymous with the notion of kindness in Singapore and with the Singapore Kindness Movement.

The words “Singapore Kindness Movement” have a contemporary typeface, with the “e” in “kindness” tilted up and stylised to represent a happy face conveying a broad, warm smile.

Singapore Kindness Movement has intellectual property rights over the SKM logo, image of Singa the Lion and the word Singa.

Use of these should be with the consent of Singapore Kindness Movement.

Please contact us at [email protected] for inquiries relating thereto.

Get Involved

Every individual has a part to play in creating a pleasant and gracious nation.

The Dress, An Interactive Film by SKM

The Dress, An Interactive Film by SKM

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Kindness Badge Award

Kindness Badge Award

The Kindness Badge is a mark of distinction awarded to students of Uniformed Groups who have completed tasks or projects that promote kindness and graciousness amongst their peers, within their schools, and to their families and communities. Achieving this badge identifies them as Ambassadors of Kindness. It is awarded by the Singapore Kindness Movement to … Continue reading “Kindness Badge Award”

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An initiative aimed at creating a happier, more gracious workplace environment in organisations.

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